Want to invest funds? No , you don’t need to be really rich to invest. A little savings can be your start. There are various option except stock market where you can begin investing.  However, some options are riskier than the other. They have different benefits, timelines and interest rates. Your choice will depend on your preference. But the point to remember is that you should not put all the amount of savings in your investment. Make sure you set some of your savings aside. As being a first time investor you will have your doubts. There are some safer ways to invest than in stock market which are equally efficient.

  1. BONDS-

Bonds are debt investments in which the investor loans money to a government or corporate entity at variable or fixed interest rates for an established period of time. The price of the bond equals the amount of money lent to the entity, and investors receive interest in exchange for loaning the money. The rule, is higher the interest rate higher the risk . so invest smartly.


Little funds can be invested in this option.  It is a safe investment method. Spread your lending over many borrowers thus decreasing the risk. Lend to various borrowers at different interests rates. To start with such type of investment visit any peer –to- peer lending company websites.

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  1. GOLD-

Gold has a real value and it remains a smart option to invest in. However, some people might think it is an outdated option. Gold isn’t just found in jewelry – it can be purchased as coins or bullion bars and kept safe either at home or in a bank vault. It preserves wealth. Gold is not affected by inflation.


Although this option requires a bit of more investment , but it can help you make big profits . You can give a place for rent or make money by just buying and selling properties. As long as people need homes or businesses needs offices and factories this investment will be profitable.

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